Exploring Turkey

While you are exploring in this area of Turkey, you will want to take various tours. This area is absolutely encircling by ruins, nature’s hidden gems like beautiful islands, hidden lagoons, caves and huge mountains. If you are hungry for daring physical activity like into paragliding or just feeling adventurous.

For thousands of years, flying has been a dream of man and is now affordable and safe unlike before so we are one lucky generation. Give it a shot. You will always cherish the memory and look back on that moment you were able to fly. Just arrive at their office on the Oludeniz beach if you decide to try it.

To reach the mountain, the drive up takes about forty minutes and in itself is worth the time spent. You will be instructed to put on your flight suit upon arriving and after a few minutes of simple instructions. The pilot will then bind you with strap into the double harness in front of his and after raising the chute, you both run for the edge of the cliff. The current of air captures your chute and mildly lifts you into the clear blue sky. Once up there, you can see the view of the beach, the lagoon and the nearby islands are jaw-dropping.

On the cruise with the boat, you will soon unearth the beauty of the many islands while having a great time with their fun adoring staff. For a truly enjoyable day, the pauses along the coast for swimming and a delectable lunch are the right touch. You can even hike to the top of a large waterfall on one of the stops, at Butterfly Valley. The climb is quite risky but worth it.

There are ancient Grecian churches scattered along the top of green hills and cliffs on another island, the St. Nicholas. Their age, about 1500 years, are visible in their decay, but they are extraordinary. Be sure to bring your camera because it would be a shame not to be able to share a glimpse of their ancient, yet time remaining beauty with friends and family.